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1. Accuracy: Glocal Spectrum will strive to understand the questions that underpin this field, will portray that understanding as clearly and as transparently as possible, and facilitate our clients to find accurate answers.

2. Consistency: Glocal Spectrum changes its recommendations based on new information or new circumstances that change the reality on the ground. Otherwise, Glocal Spectrum does not change its expert opinions, whether those opinions are popular or not.

3. Knowledge: Glocal Spectrum has access to some of the best minds in academic and research circles, in some of the most renowned institutions of the world, both in the West and the Muslim World. Nevertheless, it is part of Glocal Spectrum's mission that the right questions are put to the right people: the people who have the knowledge in that particular field, regardless of who they are or what title they hold. Glocal Spectrum will not be asking engineers to advise on Islamic law, unless they are Islamic legalists as well, and will not request Muslim theologians to offer commentary on politics, unless they are savvy in that field.

4. Impartiality: Glocal Spectrum consultants have worked with governments. They have also worked with NGOs, private companies, academic and research institutions. As Glocal Spectrum, however, they are always independent from any party or political establishment, whether in power or in opposition in any country at any given time.

5. Common cause: Glocal Spectrum sincerely believes that this world is large enough for us all to live in, and too small for us to fight each other in perpetuity. Glocal Spectrum will take on projects that recognize this and accept it. Glocal Spectrum will not take on projects designed to entice a civilizational clash, but only projects that will bring about further understanding between the West and the Muslim World; including that part of the Muslim World that now exists in the West and that part of the West which exists in the Muslim World.


* An international network of experts in Europe, West Asia, the Balkans and Southeast Asia on issues pertaining to Muslim World - West Relations

* A team that draws on real life experience and residence within the West and the Muslim World, who draw on both Western education and traditional Muslim methods of learning

* A pool of expertise that cuts across economics, history, political science, sociology, theology, law and jurisprudence

* Credibility and experience with clients that include top level government departments, think tanks, media outlets and other international institutions.