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Glocal Spectrum: “Remembering the Past, Thinking Now & Imagining the Future”

Welcome to Glocal Spectrum
– a consultancy dedicated to comprehensive engagement between the East and the West, Muslim World and Europe, Muslim World and the Balkans.

Glocal Spectrum, founded by Mesut Idriz, PhD., is managed and directed by a dynamic team of young scholars and researchers. Glocal Spectrum has a select network of specialists based throughout the world, including in the West Asia, the Southeast Asia, the Balkans, and Europe. Each of them possesses bachelor degrees and/or higher university degrees. Together, they bring together decades of experience and expert knowledge in a variety of fields.

The Philosophy of Glocal Spectrum

The fact that the world is becoming a global village is now an overwhelming phenomenon. Because of this awesome character of globalization there is a growing fear to lose many especially small local cultures throughout the world. Considering these two worldwide facts it may pose on one side of the problem the overpowering stream of globalization and on the other side the concern of how to preserve local cultures. There is on the other hand a growing trend today that tries to preserve the local cultures by an attempt to stop globalization. This attempt resembles the struggle to stop a wild torrent by building a dam in front of it. There is no doubt that any big dam built in this way can hold the flooding water only for some time. But when there is more and more accumulation of water obviously it will destroy the dam upon which the flood will rush in with more power to destroy whatever is on its way. In that case it is not wise to stop the torrent; instead before it turns into strong currents of flood it would be more prudent to take measures in order to divert the currents to a desirable direction. In that case, individuals and communities can attempt to divert the direction of globalization to the direction by which they can preserve local cultures and values whatever they may be while being global at the same time. This direction has been termed “glocalism”.
Both globalization and localization are phenomenons that have many aspects. If people ask what is it that is globalized, they may get answers such as the economy, world, societies, science, technology, values and cultures. None of these concepts would lead us to the phenomenon of globalization or localization if they are analyzed individually or taken in pairs or in combination of clusters or yet taken all together. With such a logical analysis people will not be able to reach the conceptual and practical meaning of globalization and/or localization. The centrality of social, political, economic, scientific and technological aspects of globalization and/or localization is human beings themselves.
If people look at globalization and/or localization as a purely social phenomenon then they may find a clue which can be brought into the center of their analysis that can lead them to what they are looking for. Undoubtedly human being as an individual stands at the center of all social phenomena. In that case the clue is found at the center of this analysis; as a result, It is “human” individual that must stand as the philosophical foundation of globalization and localization, and ultimately its resulting spectrum is glocal.